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Hecton Weigh Crate

Hecton Weigh Crate

Having multiple jobs to do on your flock doesn’t mean you necessarily need more staff or help to do it. Our Hecton Weigh Crate a very low cost/quality build solution that can be simply added into your yards. It can be placed or hard mounted into your existing sheep race or can be mobile and added to temporary yards.

This multipurpose product is ideal to use for tagging, drenching, mouthing, vaccinating & drafting. Simply bolt on your load bars and weigh your stock! We have also manufactured this product to be very modular, so additional components can be added at any stage. You can retro fit our stands, dagging race or our air operated short race.

Operating the Clamp section is simply a short pulling motion to slow, stop & hold the sheep in place while you perform various tasks, hands free.  Set to draft if you wish, push the handle forward to release the sheep or goat.

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